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Food Inc. is a highly teachable documentary. This film presents several examples of how our food is compromised by corporate control and monetary greed. There are controversial elements and many supporting facts. The documentary is divided into segments which makes it easy to stop and discuss or to assign for further research. Documentaries present an excellent vehicle for fact checking and learning how to present arguments persuasively. In a text called Good Reasons: Designing and Writing Effective Arguments (Faigley,Selzer) outline “fallacies in arguments” such a bandwagon appeals, false analogies, as well as straw man, oversimplification and slippery slope. These are excellent terminologies for students to learn as well as rhetorical devices such as visual argument and logos, pathos and ethos that support debate and persuasive writing. Learning these terms to weigh in on the accuracy and truth of a documentary would be an excellent and relevant learning activity. The film’s website has excellent support as well.

more about “Food,Inc. trailer“, posted with vodpod

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