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Like Frontline. these two programs can be seen on PBS on Tuesdays, though not every week.  You can watch online or purchase the DVDs. There are great teacher resources and follow-up activities. Independent Lens has an interactive game called World Without Oil.

The wonderful documentary Made In L.A. can be seen on the POV site. click on the images above to go to the sites.


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A Tale of Two Schools

A documentary about two schools struggling to narrow the achievement gap and improve students’ reading.

Picture 2 Available at PBS

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If you teach at an inner city school with racial and poverty issues, this tv series, the precursor to the fabulous series The Wire, shows up close and personal the issues and dilemmas of drugs and poverty that deeply effect all our lives.

Based on the book by David Simon and Edward Burns

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A powerful film with great performances based on the novel of the same name.

Visit the film’s website here.

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