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A stunning, beautiful film, almost a visual essay, about nature, family and father and son bonding. The 73 minute film tells of Mayan man whose relationship with an Italian woman ends but they had a son . She is now living in Rome with her son who is about 5 while the father lives in Mexico. The couple seem to have an amicable relationship, though you do not see them interact. The boy goes to to visit his father and his grandfather, who lives in a hut on stilts or palafittes, in Banco Chinchorro, the largest coral reef in Mexico. Many great teaching aspects: father/son relationships, natural vs urban lifestyles, respect for nature, family dynamics.


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A powerful film with great performances based on the novel of the same name.

Visit the film’s website here.

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Film Reviews

Writing film reviews is a great skill for all students. Since our students love films and love giving their opinion, we have a relevant activity that engages students.

The overall composition of a review can be modeled after a good essay format – introduction, conclusion, and support.

I also encourage students to read other critics and to quote critics with whom they strongly agree or disagree.

We have used blogs to publish our critiques – you can see our first venture here:


Check the resources tab for rubrics and review planner/organizers.

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